Learn to ice-climb

Learn to lead multi-pitch Ice routes. This course is ideal for people with experience multi-pitch lead climbing and who want to progress to leading Ice routes

Cover basic winter crampon and ice-axe skills

practise your self-arrest

Learn efficient movement (mixed terrain) skills

Learn winter placement skills ice-screws, nuts, pegs, bollards, dead man etc.

Learn how to select the right equipment

Learn how to move together

Avalanche evaluation

Winter navigation techniques

Climbing calls and good communication

How to grow a good beard

Most importantly learn how to stay safe


Usually this course runs in Scotland but Norway and the Alps can make good venues too. Contact us to discuss your needs.


You might like to try one of our avalanche safety course (coming soon), himlayan expeditions or even an unclimbed peak expedition.


This is usually a 5 day course

This course is run by either an MIC, Guide, military equivalent or professional alpinist/mountaineer

Cost: The cost depends on the location chosen.

This course is run on demand for more information email us at info@expeditioncompany.co.uk