Located in the spectacular Cordillera Huayhuash, our Alpine trek route is one of the most beautiful wild walks in the world. You will camp within view of blue and green turquoise lakes, which lie at the feet of the huge, sheer massifs which characterize the Cordillera Huayhuash. Mountains such as Rondoy, Ninashanca, Jirishanca, Siula, Puscanturpa, Rasac, Jurau. Trapecio, and the majestic Yerupaja will all be seen close up. Crossing passes of over 4700 meters in elevation will provide us with spectacular views of most of the Cordillera Huayhuash range. Our route of descent affords us glimpses of wild creatures in their native habitat, and the Andean flora and fauna covering the canyons of the Cordillera Huayhuash.


DAY 1:
Huaraz City 3100 mts - Chiquian City 3400 mts - Llamac 3300 mts - Cuartelhuain Camp 4200 mts - (6 h. transport).

DAY 2:
Cuartelhuain Camp 4200mts - Cacanan Punta Pass 4700 mts - Mitucocha Lake Camp 4230 mts - (5 h. walk).

DAY 3:
Mitucocha Lake Camp 4230 mts - Alcay Punta Pass 4740 mts - Carhuacocha Lake Camp 4200 mts - (7 h. walk).

DAY 4:
Carhuacocha Lake Camp 4200 mts - Siula Punta Pass 4830 mts - Huayhuash Camp 4350 mts - (7 h. walk) (Optional rout Pass Carnicero 4600 mts).

DAY 5:
Huayhuash Camp 4330 mts - Trapecio Base Camp 4700 mts.

DAY 6:
Trapecio Base Camp 4700 mts - Trapecio Pass 5000 mts - Juraucocha Lake Camp - (7 h. walk).

DAY 7:
Juraucocha Lake Camp 4343 mts - Gran Vista Pass 5129 mts - Caramarca Lake Camp 4575 mts - (7 h. walk).

DAY 8:
Caramarca Lake Camp 4575 mts - Rasac Punta Pass 5130 mts - Jahuacocha Lake Camp 4050 mts - (7 h. walk).

DAY 9:
Jahuacocha Lake Camp 4050 mts - Llamac 3300 mts (6 h. walk).
DAY 10:
Llamac 3300 mts - (Return to Huaraz)

Peruvian Mountain Peruvian Mountain

Peruvian Mountain


The expedition is led by our incountry team for groups smaller than 12 people unless otherwise arranged. Groups of 12 people or more are led by a European qualified leader.

Note: You will need to budget for personel travel insurance as this is a requirement for climbing with us.

The above expedition is just a guide contact us at to discuss your needs.



May to September
bespoke trips require a minimum of 4 people

10 days

Cost £800pp

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