Intro to Outdoor climbing

Learn to climb safely outdoor. This course is ideal for people with experience climbing indoors and who want to climb independently outdoors.

Learn to select and place a varfiety of different anchors.

Learn basic setups that will allow you to both top and bottom rope safely

Learn how to interpret a guide book and outdoor grades

Learn safe bouldering habbits

Refresh your belay technique

Gain coaching on your movement on rock

Learn about different climbing knots

Learn to build basic abseils

Most importantly learn how to stay safe


We can arrange a location to suit you. Anywhere in the UK.


Most people progress onto our trad climbing course.


It is best run over two weekend (4 days)

This course is run by either an SPA, MIA, MIC, Guide, military equivalent or professional climber

Cost: £720 but we can take 6 clients

So it works out at only £30 per person per day.

This course is run on demand for more information email us at