Arctic Survival Course

So your interested in Survival and bushcraft but have mastered your local woods and are looking for the next challenge? Look no further our Arctic survival courses cover just about everything to do with surviving in cold regions. This course is based in Sweden and runs in the winter to give you a true arctic experience

On this course you'll learn:

  • Avoidance and management of cold injuries
  • Ice breaking - an optional exercise to learn how to cope if you fall through ice!
  • Cross country skiing
  • Polar navigation
  • Improvised Snow shelters
  • How to use an Ice axe
  • Start a fire in the cold
  • Methods of melting water
  • Game preparation
  • Ice fishing
  • Flora and fauna identification and plant uses
  • Tracking
  • Learn about appropriate kit

This course require no previous experience. Although a good level of fitness is required.

Cost £TBC exc. Flights
Deposit £TBC

Course runs on demand only

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