Starting in La Paz the highest capital. 3,000m to 4100M we will climb Pequeno Alpamayo 5,425m, Huayna Potosi 6,088m and Illimani 6,438m



Day 1:Arrive and Lodge in La Paz , Lodge in Hostel Naira *** ( free day).

Day 2: visit La Paz City. Lodge in Hostel Naira ( free Day).

Day 3: Visit Tiwanaku titicaca lake, Lodge in Copacabana Hostel La Cupula ***

Day 4 : Private Boat to sun island the island. Hostel in Isla del Sol Hostel **+

Day 5: Return to Copacabana and Jeep to Tuni. Ascend to the Condoriri BC. (camping)

Day 6: Rest Day on BC to Acclimatize. (camping)

Day 7: Ice Practices on glacier (camping) maybe some summit.

Day 8: Ice Practices on glacier (camping)

Day 9: Summit attempt to Pequeno Alpamayo.( 8 to 10 h.) Grade III/ AD, 45-55°,250m and back to BC. (Camping)

Day 10: Pack up camp and descent to Tuni (2 hours) and Back to La Paz (3 hours). Lodge in la Paz Hostel Naira ***

Day 11: Jeep from La Paz to Zongo Pass 4770m/15,900ft (1:30 hrs). lodge in the refuge at base camp.

Day 12: Ascent to Rocas high Camp 5500m/18,333ft . Lodge in the refuge. (3hrs)

Day 12: Early start in order to attempt the summit of Huayna Potosi,II, 50°,600m. (5-7 hours). Descent to Argentinean camp (2-3 hours). Pack up camp and continue to Zongo Pass (2-3 hours). Jeep and return to La Paz (1.30 hours). Hostel Naira ***

Day 13: Rest day in La Paz Hostel Naira ***

Day 14: Jeep from La Paz to Estancia Una or Pinaya depending of the conditions of the highway (3-31/ 2 hrs). Trekking with mules to BC at 4400m (3-4 hrs). camping

Day 15: Trekking with porters to High Camp, the Condors Nest 5400m (4-5hrs). camping

Day 16: Attempt on the summit. Grade II, PD, max 50°, 1000m ascent (5-7hrs). Descent to Condors Nest (2-3hrs), pack up camp and descend to BC (3hrs). camping

Day 17: Pack up camp and descend with mules to Estancia Una or Pinaya (2-3 hrs). Jeep and return to La Paz along the impressive valley of Rio Abajo (3 1/2hrs). Hostel Naira ***

Day 18: in case of bad weather

Day 19: Fly home.



The highest mountain in Bolivia, just 25 Km from the Chilean border. The regular route is long and easy but there is a great potential for routes of more difficulties, especially on the beginning of the station when we'll find good ice conditions on the rocky West face.

We'll have acclimatized previously before attempting Sajama.Thanks to the new highway the Sajama can be attempted on just a long weekend from La Paz.

During the first ascent of the mountain, Joseph Prem, a German engineer, took six days to reach the mountain from Oruro, 5 days riding mules. The summit views give you a unique dimension of the highland.

Day 1: Jeep from La Paz to the town of Sajama, stopping to see the pre-Hispanic tombs denominated Chulpas (4-5hrs). Trekking to BC at 4600m/15,330ft whit mules (4hrs)

Day 2: Trekking with porters to high camp at 5450m/18,170ft (5 hrs)

Day 3: : Early start to attempt the summit. II degree/ AD, 50°,1000m (6h). Descent to high camp, pack up camp and continued to Base Camp.

Day 4: Trek to the town of Sajama, visit to the hot springs. Return to La Paz by jeep





19 days
Season: April through November
Dates: Bespoke
Cost: £2,500pp
Extensions: Please contact us for upto date prices

Minimum team size 4 people. Led by our local guide for groups smaller than 6 people.

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Climbing itinerary from Argentina

Ojos del Salado is one of the "second seven summits" and "volcanic seven summits"

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  • Private transport in 4x4

  • Transfer in - out

  • Mountain Guide 1 to 3

  • Mountain equipment (Tents for two People, stoves, ropes, common climbing gear etc)

  • Cook

  • Food in remotes areas

  • Mules (limited at 12kg per person) Tuni and Illimani .

  • Porters (limited at 8kg per person). Illimani and Huayna Potosi

  • Lodge in Huayna Potosi Refuge ( base and hi camp)

  • 6 nights in La Paz Hotel Naira

  • 1 night In Copacabana Hostel la Cupula

  • 1 night in Isla del Sol

  • Goodbye dinner (drinks not included)

Not included
  • Travel insurance (required)

  • Meals in the city

  • Personal equipment (boots, crampons, ice tools, sleeping bag, etc) we can arrange kit for you contact us.

  • Laundry and phone calls.

  • Transport in the city.

  • Food on Copacabana and Sun Island

  • International flights